I am Della

I am Della and oh how I long to sit by the warm fire and chat with you.  

So happy to meet you!! I belong to a proud home schooling Air Force family (now retired) as the hubby served for 24 years. (Can it really be time to move on?)  These last years have required a huge leap into the Wild Blue Yonder called military retirement .  We survived the launch of Baby #1 two years ago, and Baby #2 flew the coop in the fall, leaving Babies #3 and #4 at home with my hubby to wade through the house of hormones.   The Mama may need lots of 'blog therapy' to handle all the changes around our house.

We recently moved to beautiful Utah with its diverse landscapes and four seasons, and are loving living in a temperate climate with breathtaking scenery.

I'm a morning person.  Usually waking on my own and I love the quiet of the early hour.
I love lists, just for the joy of checking things off.  So how come I'm always without one?  Why am I constantly forgetting things at the store?  It's a mystery of nature.

I love the miracle of digital photography.  I love that its 'noncommittal essence' gives unlimited chances for 'do-overs'.  I love that it captures not only an image, but a moment, and emotion.  Visit me here.

I love that I can be real with Jesus.

I love, LOVE being a big kid mom!  God told me I'd miss the "promised land" if I quit homeschooling before high school.  Ohhhhh was He so right!!!! 
I've been on this 'school at home' roller coaster for 15 years, terrified to 'turn the first one (and now the second one) out' and let them make their own way.  I am always wondering if I've done enough, too much.....

I love the Simply Sinatra channel on Sirius XM radio.

I'm very good at Sudoku....like, really good.

As a (long ago) business analysis and marketing major at Texas A&M University (read about that here),  I know and believe in the value of exceptional service. 

I am married to the most humble person I have ever met.

I don't really like to shop.........Aren't I a husband's dream?  Another exception here....I need a support group to keep me out of the Container Store and Staples. 

I am awed by my GOD who loves me enough not to leave me this way!

Every day is an adventure around here and I'm striving to become a more diligent student of seeing HIS beauty in the everyday gifts He's given.  Won't you join me?