January 18, 2017

Fear Factor

So the topic of fear just keeps surfacing lately, much like the "Whac-a-Mole" game from days of old.  We've been flying often with various trips since Thanksgiving.  Just last week we found ourselves on terrible snowy Utah highways, and before that, dangerous icy freeways in Dallas, as well as turbulent skyways everywhere in between.  They all cause me to breathe deeply and grit my teeth.

 I don't like bumps on an airplane. Period.  I don't like drivers in Dallas who suddenly brake on an icy overpass. I don't like emergency rooms or funeral homes.  I can't control when or if I visit any of these. Actually, there's not a lot in my life that is within my control. 

 Instinctually, I can't always control my fear either.  An occasional adrenaline rush is innate. 
 Sometimes my brain just automatically travels down the road of 'worst case scenarios'.  If we allow it to, fear can cripple and rob us of the peace of living. 

 I heard something profound on the radio this morning.   "Fear is the worship of the enemy."  Whoa.  I had to let that sink in to my fearful brain.  Could this be true?

I don't want to live in an unreality where my fears are bigger than my God.

I've noticed that I tend to behave differently on a plane if I'm sitting next to my children.  I don't show how turbulence may be affecting me.  Right or not,  I don't want my children to inherit my fear. They glean what we model, even as adults.  Truly.  I want them to be 'strong and courageous', depending on Jesus for all of their decisions, both scary and silly.   I want them to seek His direction and lean into Him when things get turbulent. I want them to experience new places and joys. I want them to courageously ask "Where?" when He says "Go!", without giving fear a place to live in their brains.

Life is almost always turbulent, even when our goal is to stay 'safe'.  And if I let it, fear will rob me of what God may have for me.  So, for 2017 I am praying for my only fear to be that of missing out on His perfect plan for my life.

I want to be terrified of NOT following where He may lead.  I want my hands to be 'palms up' continually ready for what He may give, but that also means ready for what He may take away.  

It's a scary scenario, but is life really, truly lived in the safe zone?

God, the Lord, is my strength;
he makes my feet like the deer's;
he makes me tread on my high places.
Habakkuk 3:19

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