January 2, 2016

Magical Flakes

What is it about snow that changes everything?  Watching its gentleness fall from the sky, blanketing all it touches, just quiets me.  I grew up in Texas where we experienced it only once in a blue moon.  

Snow changes the mundane ordinary world into a magical wonderland.

Here in Utah, snow is a necessity, more so than rain.  For as snow melts, it eases itself down into the aquifers slowly, without waste.  Rain tends to run off and evaporate too quickly for its natural storage into the future.

The love from Jesus is similar to this pearly crystal blanket.  It covers softly, changing us in the process.  Slowly it eases down into the deep crevasses of our hearts, melting and melding us.  It covers our imperfections and scars (or garbage cans) with softness and clean.  It requires nothing from us, except to accept its glory and wonder.

I love snow.

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