January 1, 2016

Hello From the Other Side

We made it.
We made it through the fall.
We made it through 2015.
A collective sigh is heard within my head.

The last few months have been the most difficult of my life.  Without question.  I have learned to lean on my Savior in new and terrifying ways.  I've learned how to let go.  I've learned that letting go of my problems is not a 'one-time-deal', but is instead a daily act, sometimes hourly.

I wish I could I could say that this holiday season was oozing with momentous meaningful endeavors.  I started the Advent season with wonderful expectations of seeking the Babe in the manger, and ended with Him cradling me. And perhaps that is how it should be.  Maybe He came as a baby so that we could feel his tender carrying of us. So that we could be rocked as His footsteps trudge.

I am grateful to be on the other side.

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