September 29, 2014

I Looked up and the Calendar Says September.....and Nearly October?

Well guess what?  We've moved.  Again.

The big move from Louisiana to Utah is over.  Somewhere along the way, the multiplying and morphing moving box monster (picture the old movie The Blob) engulfed my summer.  (Sigh).  So, in order to fill you in, here's a glimpse, through intricate numerical data, of what a military family endures whilst in the throws of a moving summer. (Actually The Man retired in May so technically now we have a veteran in our midst, BUT the Air Force does pay for the last PCS.  So, for practical purposes and statistical analysis, we'll just say this was a military move.)

Let me also give some more backstory about my older two kiddos.  One is a college junior and my only baby boy a freshman.  Luckily, they both are now in the same town and near each other, but I'm telling you that my universe required extensive brainpower of me during the summer months.  Boxes needed to be shuffled here and there with some of their belongings coming with us to Utah, and some going with them to school etc.  After our HHG (military-ese for household goods) were loaded in Louisiana and the house was readied for renters, the offspring and I went to Dallas to visit with the grands for several weeks till we could get them set up in respective apartments in College Station.

BIG interjection here:   I must also remind you of my peri-menopausal self.   I can certifiably feel the brain cells escaping on a daily basis.  Needless to say, most days I had to REALLY dig deep.

So here's the stats for your reading pleasure:

79 boxes packed and moved ourselves - (this was because we knew we were over our HHG weight limit and opted to move some heavy stuff ourselves )

4 vehicles reregistered in 2 new states
2 kids off to college
3 new residences
3 trips to Aggieland (prior to packing out our Louisiana home) transporting furniture, securing new digs for the college set
3,869,243 stairs moving into or out of both a 3rd floor and 2nd floor apartments (yes, I counted)
1 amazing family to help us!!!!!

2 worn out shredders (because this is the time to get rid of old paperwork and 'lose weight' at the same time)
3 amazing packers
31 boxes stacked high in our kitchen alone
12 hours painting fresh walls for renters coming in when we move out
4 trips to Sherwin Williams to correct a paint mishap involving 'flat' and 'eggshell'
59 hours spent driving in the car - seriously

We spent some weeks at my parents' house in Texas waiting to get the older two settled in Aggieland later in August and while there we did some celebrating:

1 high school graduation of a certain 6'4" boy man
24 years of my own Wedded Bliss
80 candles on my mother's birthday cake


60 years of Wedded Bliss for my folks - WOW!

We also celebrated:

60 beats/minute in my mother's new pacemaker
215 peaches harvested from their tress and peeled to 'put up'

And also endured:

7 trips to find the escaped Houdini dog named Elijah (both from our own home in LA and from my parent's back yard)
41 days without my own bed - I love my bed!
8 trips to various medical professionals including orthodontist, emergency room, cardiologists, general practitioner, and podiatrist.

5 states visited along the way to Utah
5 cars encountered across the entire vast expanse of Wyoming
5,387 head of cattle encountered across the same vast expanse of Wyoming

Last but not least:

1 happy smiling husband happy to finally have us home

Can I just say that we are ecstatic to finally have this summer behind us.  We are thrilled to be able to wake up to THIS!!!!

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