February 13, 2014

Ice "Pics" from the Deep South

Today was our second day of expecting and/or thawing out from a big ice event here in Louisiana.  From the news tonight, I see that most of the South is also dealing with such a dangerous storm.  It was huge.  It started Tuesday afternoon and came down in slushy pelts, intermixed with rain, which then promptly froze.  Around our area, the interstates and major roads closed, forcing us to stay indoors.......by the fire.......watching the Olympics.......and movies. 

 It was awful.

So, in the midst of my suffering, I sought to not waste such precious downtime, I shot some "ice pics"
for your viewing pleasure.

At 6 p.m., we have dried and thawed, and I am sending safe, warm thoughts to those who haven't yet.
Spring is not far away, my friends!

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