January 1, 2014

Ringing in 2014 With a Prophetic Manziel: "Don't Look at the Scoreboard!"

I love this day!

I love how a new year spreads before me as a blank canvas!

My hopes and plans and even a few fears stretch wide and long and I always feel empowered and superhuman in my dreaming of what lies ahead.  Today in Louisiana the sun shines as high as my demeanor.

This football mama ended 2013 last night with the MOST amazing football game!  Johnny Manziel and my Aggie boys fought the most incredible Chick-fil-A Bowl game last night that I'm still reliving this morning.  They seemed overwhelmed the long first half and more than one comment was heard under my roof about how they looked like a high school team.  We didn't recognize them.  When both teams ran off the field toward the locker room at the half, the Duke Blue Devils led 38-17.

Then something happened at halftime.
 A strange transformation morphed this team when they escaped cameras.  They emerged different and played their hearts out the second half.  They powered back and DID NOT quit!  Amazing superhuman plays had me on my feet and airborne more than once in my own living room.

During the locker room presser after the game with Coach Sumlin, Toney Hurd, Jr., and Johnny Football himself, they fielded multiple questions about what was said during halftime to change the momentum and eek out a transformed team in 20 minutes.  Simply put, the message to the team from Sumlin was, "Don't go back out there unless you believe you're going to win the game."  The message from Johnny was,  "Don't even look at the scoreboard."

Frankly, when halftime came around, I was tired of looking at the scoreboard myself, and even wondered if I might catch a good movie on another channel.  But, I'm a good Ag, and hung in there with them for the start of the second half.  Two astounding turnaround quarters later, the evidence of incredible football remained in my living room as misplaced furniture (moved from many happy dances), my pounding, excited heart and hoarse voice.

Final score:  Fightin' Texas Aggies 52 - Duke Blue Devils 48!!!!

Were you able to catch this game?

 An Aggie friend's Facebook post after the game was this:  Advice from Johnny Manziel..."Don't look at the scoreboard!! If you look at the scoreboard, you might as well not even go out on the field!" Apply to life.

I think in so many ways, for so many of my friends and similar thinkers, we go into 2014 feeling defeated.  The scoreboard, or pop culture headlines, or media in general, or an endless homeschool curriculum, or a painful disease, or a corrupt government, or a world political stage, or massive life changes that loom, all tell us that we are down by 21 points with bleak hope for a miraculous comeback.    


Here is the news my friend!  On this day, this first, clean, shiny day of this new year, I'm telling you the game is NOT over.  We are far from defeated.  Whatever you may be struggling with has NOT defeated you.  

Here's the reason:  the scoreboard doesn't tell the whole story.  It doesn't reflect your heart or character or more importantly, His heart and His character. 

Maybe you need to seek first the One who has empowered you with special talents and abilities unique to you, 

cease dwelling on whatever the uppity ups tell you is important,

 back your ears,  quit looking at the scoreboard

and  drive on.

 I'm hereby decreeing that 2014 will be a great year!

Bring it on, baby! 

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