January 13, 2014

Elijah: Another Adventure

I did it.  I broke out again.
I needed to find my girl.  She left me yesterday, again.  Why does she do that?  I needed to find her.

Where is 'college'?  And why can't she just stay here? 

I miss her.

She understands me.  She even cried the other night when I dug a whole chicken out of the trash.  Well, not a whole chicken, just the bones.  My girl said they are SO bad for me.  She thought my insides might get stuck or somethin'.  But, it was soooo good.  I needed that chicken.

This is the last hole I dug out.  I made a new one since my people keep filling up the holes I dig.  See, this is what I do, I dig and push, and dig and push, till finally, the board just breaks.  (Ok, I might help it some by chewing it.)  My wood fence just wants me to break through.  It just takes a little work and 'Voila' I'm out in the big world.  Woohoo!  I really like it out here.  I meet great people.

  I love my neighbors.  The pet me and give me water.  Today, I thought I might mosey down the street. This time I found a house that just looked inviting.  And, the garage was open, so I went inside for a look around.   Turned out, the door leading into the house was also open.  I think my new friends who live there were doing some cleaning out.  That open door was just inviting me in.  And, like always, when they discovered a strange (but really cute) dog inside their home, they just laughed and loved me.  (They always love me, seein' as how I'm so cute and lovable.)

Then they called my mama.

They always find her number on the special necklace she made for me with her phone number on it.  She said I have to wear it cause I'm special.

She wants to show you what the back fence looks like.  I think it's pretty, all different colors.

Every time I break a board getting to a new adventure, they buy a new one.  Really, I'm just helping replace the whole fence, a little at a time.

Just love me.

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