December 5, 2013

Saga of the Lights (Sang to the Same Tune as "Carol of the Bells" the Beach Boys)

We drove through our neighborhood last night and all I could do was laugh.  At 6 o'clock it was dark, and a chilly (translation for non-southerners: muggy) 72 degrees.  Decorative house lights were and are making their way up onto rooftops.  My neighbors were all outside, working feverishly to get their outdoor, twinkly decor set up.  They were all  appropriately dressed for the weather... in shorts.  I had to laugh.

There's just something wrong with that. The unlikely pair of Christmas lights and shorts, an oxymoron of sorts, messes with my head and my overpowering need for logic and common sense.  I need me some frostiness to go with my Christmas carols.   I laughingly told my daughter that I think it's 'against my religion' set up Christmas lights in shorts.  My neighborhood is beautiful at Christmastime, with lights and festive scenes.  Almost every house participates.  Maybe making the effort to decorate outside helps to induce the seasonal joy.  It may take our minds off the fact that we are wearing shorts.  I think the high yesterday was near 80.  But TODAY.......Today the winter chill is setting in with the temps reaching around freezing.  Wow!  Love it!  Bring it on!  

We were, and are still,  trying really hard to jump in and join the fun with the neighbors, but honestly, we are having a problem with getting the last half of the twinkles up onto the rooftop.  We are blessed with really high ceilings, which means really high rooftops outside. So far we've tried twice to make our extension ladder work.  One side of the house's architecture  is troubling.  The 6'4" boy tried climbing onto the roof over the weekend, but the pitch is just too steep to crawl around on safely, and I could just hear his basketball coach's voice echoing in my head when he potentially fell from 20 feet up right before the official start of the season.  It's too high.  We didn't have this problem last year.  This is simply because we didn't put up lights last year.

Before I go any further, I must make a small confession here.  We have never had Christmas lights on our many homes.  I'm almost too embarrassed to admit this.  I'm not sure why this is true for us.  Most of our homes have been either on Air Force bases or rentals so that may have had something to do with our issue.  Really though, until now, we've lived in places that would have already seen snow by now.  And cold.  Places like Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and even Virginia  have real snow to decorate their yards this time of year.

Many of my Facebook friends live in these places still, and they've already had a huge snowfall.  Woohoo!  And, just so you know, many sleds, all different varieties, sit quietly in my garage, waiting.    These really cool wooden German sleds found their way into our garage at the end of our last winter in Germany.  They have yet to touch snow, they still have tags.  They stand right next to the skis.  And the snowboards.

This same garage, however, does not house an extension ladder that is taller than 20 feet.  
We may need a bucket truck.  Anybody have one of those?

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