December 23, 2013

Christmas: A Marathon of Lists

Random Pre-Christmas To-Do List:

Blog post

Physical therapy appointment where the physical terrorist bends and stretches my frozen shoulder for an hour in ways that do not seem possible while I try to keep it together and not cry or sucker punch him. And let me just say that on this day I was not successful in the tear department.  Adhesive capsulitis is not my friend.

Afternoon homeschool classes that for some reason are still going this week when obviously last week should have wrapped up the learning before the holidays.

Clean house again.

Massive refrigerator clean out.

Plan meals (grocery lists) and logistics for 10 people to descend on my house on Friday.

Get the senior boy off and ready for his first day of work, where he will finally be paid, by someone other than me.

Shuffle through mounds of laundry that just won't disappear though I ignore it.

Search out last minute gifts for my people.  Luckily we are just about good with the 'biggies', but need some 'littles' to wrap it all up.  Pun totally intended.

Pray (again) for a joyful heart.

This is basically just what my planner looks like.  Do you enjoy the yellow highlighter?  Are you a list maker?  Apparently the art of making lists is 'trending'.  I even found the cutest book of 'list ideas' in the journal section at Target.  As I have powered through this year (more like limped and crawled), I have learned one very important shortcoming in my otherwise flawless self (ok, you can stop laughing now).  I need lists.  Dealing with mountainous thyroid issues for the last 10 years and then major imbalances this year (including Hashimoto's), has left my brain full of holes.  I am MUCH better now that I am on nuclear doses of Synthroid (after a horrendous stint on natural desiccated thyroid).  I can actually think now.  Can I get an 'amen'?

 But, if I have to be grateful for imperfections, this disease has made me appreciate and learn from, the art of list making.  My soul likes checking things off, making a simple yet profound impact on my well being.  I cross off my completed items with a highlighter, just so I can still read them, and somehow find joy in the completion of what's underneath.  Total geek.   I become a much nicer person when I am allowed to brain dump at some point of the day, usually in the evening.  Might there be something spiritual in the act of writing with a pen, pouring out my life of sorts?   I have tried the whole digital thing with lists  and endless apps on my phone, but this somehow just doesn't fulfill something within.  I just need to write, the old fashioned way.

Personal letter writing has just about flown the coop in our techno savvy world today.  When was the last time you received a handwritten letter from a friend or loved one?  The artistic skill of penmanship is bypassed in our schools today, left limping by the side of the busy highways named Typing and Computer Graphics.  It just takes too long to write with my hand.  And, we do live in the most hurried society ever known to man.

Perhaps we could all use a daily dose of 'slow down'.

I am determined to not allow this one last bastion of mechanically 'writing' words to fade from my life.  

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