November 14, 2013

The Changing of the Fans

      It is 30 outside.  As in, degrees.  And in case you've forgotten because I have strangely disappeared from the blogosphere the last year or so, I live in Louisiana. Frost carpeted the ground this morning and I love it.  I am beyond excited to be able to crank up the fireplace!  On a side note, when shopping for fireplace gas logs last year we talked to an employee at Home Depot who gave us his wife's secret.  She turns the AC waaaaayyy down, so that she can then enjoy her gas logs in the fireplace.  Oh the joys of living in the south!  These temperatures are not normal. 

     Although raised in Dallas and Houston, the Air Force has seen fit to plant us in the snow, over and over again.  That is, till now.  In a word, we miss chilly-ness. I like wearing boots, and hearing crunchy footsteps.  So, in preparation of the coldest night yet this season, my Love felt the need to 'change the fans'.  There may be some reading this who didn't even know that ceiling fans can be reversed direction, forcing the hot air that rises to the ceiling to be scooped downward, thereby heating the room.  Here in the south, only occasionally is the temperature of the air below 70.  For my fellow southerners, in case you didn't know that you could help your heating bill on those 3 nights that temps drop to an icy 50, I'm here for you!

     Ok, now that you know the temperature, here's some back story of my recent sleep patterns, or lack thereof. In a nutshell, I have something wrong with my shoulder.  It started back in the spring and has gradually progressed leaving me with limited motion and decreased strength.  I've known something was really wrong for a while, but since the honey was deployed, I did not have time, being the sole parent at home,  for such things as shoulder surgery. (Really, I don't have time for surgery when he's home either.)  When he did come home I sought treatment which began with months of physical therapy.  Instead of getting better, I'm now dealing even more pain coupled with nights where the pain wakes me up and nags me.  Ugh.  (Don't worry though, I am waiting on results from an MRI last week for the next step to get this knocked out.)

     So that's where I am.

     Next issue:  did I mention I'm also somewhat menopausal?  And not only that, (wait for it) I have had endless issues with thyroid disfunction, which, by the way, is fodder for a really juicy post to come.  (In case you didn't know, the thyroid regulates body temperature.)  Can you feel where I'm going with this?

     The neon numbers of the clock glared back at me at 3 a.m. this morning.  Not only was I awake and restless, unable to find a comfortable position for my shoulder, now I was hot.  Not a lot was going my way at this hour.   Let me clarify again, I was not just hot, but being roasted in a convection oven by warm air being driven down from my really high bedroom ceiling.  Yes, I know it's turkey season.

     I debated opening the window a little, but I always feel really guilty for waking the man, since he must get up and go to work.  So I laid there.  Roasting.  I fired up the Kindle and worked in some blog reading which always helps to bring on the sandman.  I think I dozed off about 6 or so, just in time for Hubby's alarm to go off.  I awoke to the same warm wind and I think I may go jump in the pool.


  1. Oh Della! I've missed you! I smiled and laughed... and sympathized all the way through reading this. I could HEAR your voice and see your expressive eyes all while you were "talking." Make ice tea and enjoy your swim!! smile.

  2. Mrs Olson!!!!! How I miss you! We reminisce about ALL of you all the time! How I wish we could meet up for coffee!!!!!!! Maybe say, Denver? Ha! all around!!!!!!

    1. That was supposed to say 'cyberhugs' all around!!!!


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