December 3, 2012

This Boy

We spent the weekend at a basketball tournament in Athens, Louisiana.  Ever been there?
Between Friday night and Saturday, we watched A LOT of basketball, both boys and girls, both JV and Varsity.  Watching these boys play together is and was a small miracle.
Soon after we arrived here, as were were looking for our life, we discovered a newly put together high school homeschool team. Perfect! We happened upon the information at a homeschool kick-off, and I think they began practicing the next week.

We've had some bumps, literally, these last couple months. My player was hurt in the first game and suffered a bone bruise on his knee. It's been a painful journey to keep going.  And too, the cold and flu bugs have made their rounds through the team households. 
It's still pre-season and character is being built as we watch.

So, this team been working hard since September and honestly,  they've got talent. I was amazed at how these boys, who literally just met, could come together and play so seamlessly.
But God knew.
Being new to the area I asked another mom with two sons on this team how it all came together. She told me simply...."I've been praying for years that we would have a homeschool team."
Simple as that.
We've been asked several times by opposing team parents who we are.....for they'd never heard of this 'school'. And, when they are told proudly that we are a new homeschool team, we are usually met with a, "Wow! They look like they've been playing together for years."
He knows.
Surviving in a military family who moves frequently is an
ongoing lesson in trusting for my kids. They know how to wait patiently for HIM to hand them their lives in a new place. 
I love them to watch Him put together the puzzle, when they are the pieces.


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