December 11, 2012

Garmisch and the Top of the World

December here in the South has so far left me out of sorts, and I'm not sure how to 'deal' with this dilemma.  I miss snow.  And cold weather.  I admit it.  I'm trying really hard to be content where I am.  God is good though and gave me some cooler temps yesterday. 

I even made it snow here on the blog.

So, here is another post about mountains and loveliness.

Last spring, before the worries of moving set in entirely, we wanted to spend just a couple more days exploring the slopes of the Alps in beautiful Garmisch.

This little town, right on the border of Austia, became one of our favorite places during our German tour. It possesses a quaint quiet beauty that lures its visitors back again and again.

On this day, we arrived at the slopes as the foggy mist was just lifting.

This one decided to snowboard today, and paid for it the days afterward.

This one makes it look way too easy!

This one would ski down backwards if asked.
My chitlins live for the slopes.  Truly. 
 I, however, have learned that the Alps do not treat me kindly.  So, I opted to take the youngest and go mountain climbling.  Ha!

"To the Zugspitze!!!" was the war cry of the day!

Zugspitze is the highest point in Germany, and the train to the top was just around the corner from our lodge.  My camera was breathing heavy from excitment!

So, after settling the other four into their day,  Cherry Cheeks and I loaded up and went exploring. 
These next few shots were taken through the train window at the passing scenery.  I kept having to clear off the moisture from the glass........

The foggy window of our train to the top just adds to the aura in this scene. I love this little chapel and accompanying cemetery.

 Finally at the 'bottom' of the top and thought we'd bask in some sunshine a while as we surveyed the world.........literally......Breathtaking!

I'm proud to say that it was my child's idea to "Tebow" here and not mine ...........probably not a more humbling place in all the world......

Then we thought we'd ascend even more to the TIPPPPPY top on another gondola.

Straight down!!!

Does Creation leave you breathless?

This is the Zugspitze from the ground...........on our way out of town.....halo-ed with the sun peeking through.
Formed for us in love story fashion, His Works stun me.

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