November 26, 2012

Gators and Autumn Colors: A Turkey Day Hike

I've been needing some beauty. 
Moving to this area with its endless 'flat' and commercialism has been a lesson in patience. I need some nature to soothe my soul. 
So after the turkey had filled us, we ventured out to feast some more on late-turning leaf color in the nearby woods.

Ok. here it is.  Since we arrived in Lousiana, the youngest has been scouring all bodies of water we encounter looking for some wild gators. See this log floating in the lower left of this photo????
 It's a GATOR!!!

 We LOVED having the oldest home for Giving Thanks!!!  My mother forever talks about the 'complete' feeling of having all the chicks in the roost. 

I now know what she means.........

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