January 8, 2012


Rain.  Clouds.  Drizzle.  Fog.  Mist. 
More clouds.  More rain.

After living in the Eifel region of Germany for 2 1/2 years, I count myself an expert of these.  I've talked a lot about such dreariness here in the blogosphere.  I will never again take the sun for granted.  I've learned how best to 'sunnify' my photos, as near 80% are free from natural light, unfortunately.  This winter, so far, we've had NO snow to brighten up our cloudy days.  The other morning we had a dusting, but it was gone by 10 a.m.  The weather never stops German nationals, though.  They have a saying, "The weather is never poor, YOU'RE just poorly dressed."  Really what this means is that if they waited for fair weather to participate in life, they'd never do anything.

So, this afternoon, when my big picture window glowed orange with a breathtaking sunset, all I could do was watch.  Don't you love when nature leaves you speechless?   Couple the clouds with such short days, and you understand we do a lot of darkness here.  We do grey.  Our neightborhood street lights don't go out till 8:30 or so.  To have a glimpse of the moon or a starry night is a treat for this family. 

A simple miracle it was, watching a black and white world wash over in color, and I stood with my mouth agape, enjoying His handiwork.   The bandit clouds rushed in to steal my show before I could get out the camera.  Never fear, dear one, I want to give you a taste of the sun to prove it does still work.....and maybe to just warm up my own soul.


  1. Love this. Oh, how I remember the greyness of Germany. I didn't like to feel like I was complaining, but it did affect me greatly! But you're right...you can't appreciate the sun until you've had a few clouds. :)

  2. Your pictures are divine. I feel all goosebumpy. :)


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