January 9, 2012

Fairy Tale in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Back in September, we trekked back to Munich and added the venue of Rothenburg to the end of our adventure.  This little town is known around the world as 'the land that time forgot'.  Since the Deutsch language has no 'th' sound, this village is pronounced RO - (long o) - TEN - BURG.  It snatched my heart when we ventured onto its cobblestone streets and might I say it remains there.  A princess, I was, transported back to a medieval genre with knights on their steeds.

Interesting note:  The face on this tower gate is where boiling oil or tar was effectively poured on poor souls unlucky enough to be unwanted visitors of the township.  The remnants of such still stain the stone.

My puny American brain can't fathom history of 1000 years, with no renovations.  The simple reason for this was just economics.  It began as a relatively wealthy walled city.  Then, because war happened, several times over, the cobblestones remained in place, as its various owners were too poor to fix what needed fixing.  Over time, say hundreds of years, disrepair morphs into 'charming'........and romantic.

Amazing village for the hopeless romantic........<sigh>......

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