January 6, 2012

1000 Joys in 2012

I thought about naming this post "Beginning the Year of Endings".  Been thinking a lot about what this year destines to bring.  It overwhelms.  The end of a 2 1/2 year assignment.  Endless goodbyes.  Wrapping up 12 years of school at home for my firstborn.  Moving across the ocean.  So many endings.

I finished, yesterday, my Read the Bible Through in a Year commitment.  I  got behind during the last couple months.  Sprinted over the last week to get it done....on January 5.  Rivaling sentiments filled my heart yesterday.  A little accomplishment.  A little failure.  A little grace.  Even a little loss.  I really wanted to finish by the end of the year.  Various issues interrupted including illness, but, as usual, I came up short.  He whispered, "You'll always come up short, child.  My job is to wrap you in grace and carry you the rest of the way."

In finishing this goal, a big empty hole suddenly appeared.  What will my focus be now?  I can envision my life overtaking me if I'm not prepared.  Plans, tasks, worries loom monumental even as I only see dim shadows of them.

Then I found Ann's words  today, giving it to me, plain and simple.  This year I must consciously strive to find the joy.  Daily.  Record them.  Ponder them.  Wanna come along with me?

We begin again. Counting His endless gifts, from the author of new beginnings.

1.  privilege to live in Europe for a time
2.  my husband who dotes
3.  words of power
4.  a reliable car these days on the autobahn
5.  German antiques found in a friend's garage
6.  amazing Christmas morning cinnamon rolls
7.  "You is kind."
8.  "You is smart."
9.  "You is important."
10.  memories of cuddling on my couch and loveseat that won't be moving with us
11.  new solid German dining set
12.  the warmth of my old, blue, fleece night shirt
13.  Approaching God by Steve Brown
14.  photo collages of a lifetime of memories
15.  first dusting of snow

and that brings us to today's treasure hunt.........

16. a new Kindle
17.  military healthcare
18.  tenderness for young AF spouses just beginning

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