December 12, 2011

Weren't We Just Here?

Wasn't it two weeks ago that we were cutting a tree for 2010?


A family event it is, the business of cutting the Christmas tree.  This year there was no tromping through snow.  We're still hopeful. 

They've grown so much this year, this being the last Christmas with all four under our wings.  We've seen even more of the world.  Learned more about ourselves.  Readied the oldest to sprout wings of her own.

Funny that the Christmas tree hunt is the same in Germany as in the U.S..  Now with all of them older, they seem to see the value in having all of us together.  THAT is the real goal for the day, yet disquised as a treasure hunt.

Next Christmas we will have begun a new era.  We will be celebrating back in our homeland, with the oldest having begun college, the boy driving, and the third in high school.!!!!!! Ready or not MOM, they're growing up!! We look forward to all the changes the Lord has in store this year.

Frohe Weihnachten!!!!

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