July 5, 2011

The Steps of Cinque Terre

Want to disappear?
Need to lose yourself in a sunny, pristine village and revel in the Ligurian Coast of the Mediterranean?

Just 30 miles from Pisa, we hopped on a train to visit the Cinque Terre region of Italy. 
Amazing is an inadequate adjective.

Forever we will remember this day!

Cinque Terre ( or "five lands" ) encompasses the 5 Italian seaside villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Cornigia, Vernazza, and Monterosso.  They seem to dangle off earthen cliffs, brilliant with color.  Connected to each other with hiking paths that stretch for about 8 miles, this fam found the hike a personal dare.  Could we do it?

In centuries (millenia ?) past, these footpaths were the main traveling highways between these villages.  It seemed to whisper an invitation.

Someone's personal vineyard and garden.  Makes me wonder how long villagers have been tending tender shoots here. It was nestled in, almost as a secret.

Parts of these trails were, in fact, chiseled out of the side of the cliffs.

Of course, the hikes took way longer than it should have as we had to gaze at .........scenery like this.

Is it just me or are family smiles more prevalent when earphones and technology are left at home?

Just a few of the THOUSANDS of steps on this trail........

The stone-packed trail snaked and wove its way down steep mountainsides.  I'm standing on the top part.  The steps wound down and curved to my happy hubby, and then twisted down to the Comedian.  Whew!

Harvest time is yet approaching in this olive tree grove.  Apparently, when it's time for the olive harvest, these nets are rolled out to snatch them before hitting the ground.

We happened upon an artist who worked on the scene below....

Can you imagine the stories these walls, and boats and cliffs could tell?


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  1. Traveling Tuesday: Two Medicine Lake, Glacier Park, Montana. Wish you were here to join us... it's as gorgeous as I've ever seen the park!


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