July 1, 2011

The Dirt in my Life

If anyone had told this city girl 20 years ago that my life with children would revolve around large hoofed animals and barns and dirt.......I would have quietly referred them to a mental specialist.


Welcome to my life of barns, and horses and dirt.

And I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
You know, back when I had the first two babies, I remember one of the hubby's first commanders advising us on teenage girls......and horses. I was knee-deep in diapers and could only dimly visualize our family down the road. He managed a couple of them at the time, both girls and equines.  His words then were, simply, that he didn't fret about the 'boy world' in the least.  All their free time was spent at the barn on tasks such as feeding, riding, and yes, scooping poop.  Oh was he right!!!  And, granted, we haven't chosen this road for our girls.  Their decision to learn and take lessons is never wasted.  Tending animals of any nature teaches responsiblity and builds self-confidence.  And, just recently, living in this 'dirty world' has helped my oldest see what kind of boy is best for her, one that is interested in the same things she is.  I smile and watch from outside the arena, as they learn to manipulate these creatures, but in doing so, learn about themselves.

Today was The Thinker's first show.  And not that I'm proud or anything, but it was in Deutsch.  Just in case you forgot where we live. In a dressage show, the judges give commands, and then rate according to how well the rider (and horse) execute them.  So, not only must said rider remember all the proper forms of equitation (correct hands, stirrups, straight back etc.), my American kinder must also know what command, in fact, the judge just gave.

Yep.  Proud mama!!

It was also our first go 'round' with a dressage competition, as the oldest, even having trained  in it, hasn't shown yet.  And today, she's off somewhere in another country. 

This one was just a little nervous, as you can imagine.

This is the Thinker on Hippie.  I think she was smiling at me.

Our favorite trainer April shows what to look for in the show ring.

April worried that our competitor was looking a little ashen.

Trainer April is always calm .

The parental units, not so much.

She did awesome!!!!  Hippie I think was strutting here with her red ribbon waving.

  It thrills my heart to see the younger set opening their hearts to these creatures. And, yes, I will willingly open my car, and home, and front entryway to this powerful thing called dirt.

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