July 14, 2011

If Life is a Bowl of Cherries...........

Yesterday I walked out my front door stoop and was met unexpectedly by cherry branches.....laden with their offering.  And when I say cherry branches, I mean 5 or 6 foot long branches FULL of the juicy, ripe fruit balls.  My neighbors had pruned these branches, 3 or 4 of them, and propped them up on my banister. 

 We are surrounded by several aging neighbors. They take care of us, these Deutsch friendlies.  I love them. My next door neighbor lost her husband the year before we arrived.  And my husband helped to carry the casket of our other next door neighbor's dear wife in the spring.  They grow amazing gardens, which we've been blessed with the abundance of, and we've grown into our own 'language' that I call 'Danglish'.  A little Deutsch, a little English. 

We smile alot.  And wave, which I've learned that Germans are not really accustomed to doing.

Frau Maas had told us to venture up into her 50 ft. cherry tree with the ladder that's stayed there for the last week.  She said to pick all we want.  I haven't had the time to as yet.

 Today, when I happened upon our front step, I thought about that old Erma Bombeck book, If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits?  As I picked these gifted cherries, I smiled and surmised that yes, indeed, life could definitely be compared to cherries.  Truly, it's all about what we choose to dwell on.  For instance, because my personal bowl is soooooo overflowingly full,  I tend to shy away from commitments and/or situations that require more 'rearranging'. This tendency is not always the best option.  Do you?  Do you forego the sweet cherries simply because there are pits to deal with?  To spit out?  Is God calling you to 'work around the seed' ?

Living in a foreign country has its ups and downs, and I've been a little homesick lately.  I would really like to venture into a Walmart or  maybe Old Navy, just for an hour or so.  I could easily dwell on my inconveniences.  We are stationed just far enough away from a main operating base where even getting gas (and not paying $8 a gallon) is a hassle.  I can't go into a German grocery and pick up sour cream.  Doesn't exist. Ok, yeah, my Tex-Mex family (food wise) eats a lot of sour cream.
The Lord  sent me the cherries today, via my sweet neighbors.  He's reminding me where my mind needs to camp.  He's freely given this family a niche for a time in a land that only 70 years ago emerged from a dark and terrible place.  He's bonded our family with amazing, silly, quirky memories of living in another culture for the first time.  I can choose to dwell on what is unavailable, or I can choose to dwell.......to live fully.... swimming in our new treasures  like schnitzel for one. Did I forget to add that the fam will undergo serious withdrawal issues from said schnitzel when we leave this place?
 Today I'm savoring that sweet juiciness even as I struggle to work around the pits!!!

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