July 12, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom

We're a little behind in finishing up school. Last week was dissection week for my second Biology student.  Gross. Let me just clarify to the world that I am NOT a science teacher. But somehow, so far, the Lord has been trying to teach ME by giving me scientifically minded students.
The Comedian rounded up his (and I quote here) "instruments of torture" to perform these grisly assignments.  

The poor victims (a worm, crawfish, fish and bullfrog) were patient.

I had an appointment in town and so didn't get to witness the frog's grand performance after the other creatures.  So the girl Biologist stepped up to record the deed for all posterity.  I have no photos of a whole bullfrog, and it was huge, by the way, as big as this entire tray.  I just have pics of a poor Mr. Frog with guts splayed all over.  Whoops!  The Comedian quickly surmised that it was, in fact, a Mrs. Frog as her eggs had yet to be downloaded.  I think I'd be put on some 'inappropriate'  list if I posted these as they are gruesome. Gross for me, but eternally interesting to the two students! But then again, I think I'm a lightweight on such matters. 

 Over these last 12 years, the Lord has taught ME  about His wonders countless times as I snuggled up, or paraded through the woods, or coaxed seedlings on the windowsill with  my kiddos. 

His Grand Design still amazes and inspires.  
Yet sometimes He just has to drag me along to witness it.

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  1. Bravo!

    Beautifully... yeck! Wondrously... gross! And how amazing! Truly, we worship an awesome Creator!

    (And I'm inspired by the Mama that you are -- so supportive! Thank you for being such a good example of what it looks like to love our children well!)


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