June 9, 2011

Amazing Rome

Amazing Rome! 

Can't believe we got to experience it!  And believe me, there were loads of  'experiences' to be had!  I wish I could describe how different Italian culture is from Germany.  History spanning eons.  Gorgeous sunshine.  Bruschetta available anywhere.  No time tables.  (And this includes all public transporation.) If you happen to be sitting on a Mediterranean beach soaking up the sun, this would be fine.  Not if you need a bus to complete your site seeing for the day.  Ha!  For this family, this trip was a lesson in flexiblity.  And can't we always use just a little more of that?

We, again, took a bike tour, and this time were gifted with an archeological doctoral student for a tour guide!!  How can you beat that?  He, and the city for that matter, seemed overwhelmed at the sheer amount of excavating that is required whenever something new is built.  Building anything new here requires double the time and expense because just digging, anywhere, requires archeological help in case they happen upon a find, which, I'm told, is the norm.

Tiber River

Trevi Fountain

It is said that the act of tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain over your left shoulder ensures your return trip to Rome sometime in your lifetime.  The fountain was a little richer after all 6 of us made our wishes.


The care and detail of architecture thousands of years old astounds me.  But so did the quiet village streets, with open air cafes.

I had to include this photo.  Just around the corner from our rental was the neighborhood market.  About the size of a convenience store in the U.S., it was hardly the mecca of choices for anything.  I think they had one or two kinds of paper towels.  So seeing this incredible selection of OLIVE OIL was amazing.

My favorite!  I think I had Bruschetta every meal.......mmmmmm......

Italian gelato.........the REAL reason we made the trip (sssshhhhhh....don't tell anyone......)


  1. I love your eye for photographing, with light, with color, with angles... it's like being in Italy ourselves, almost ;)

  2. You captured the romance of Rome beautifully! Yes, I fell in love with Rome (I could sooo live there!) and your photos and writing made me sigh with whimsy.


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