May 16, 2011

Protecting Innocence

Little girls need to be little girls longer.  They need to laugh and play and be silly.  I want them to LONG to laugh and play and run engulfed in silliness. This world tries to pull rank and go behind my back, under my table, to take them.  How does the mama  keep them from being drawn into a cultural facade of lies?  Struggling with that one.  Almost makes the mama need to arm herself.  Seriously.

How do I shelter and protect yet still infuse confidence and relevance in this crazy messed up world?  

 Ahhhh.....The question of the ages. 

Modern society seeks to devour, chew up, spit out the souls of these innocents.  It offers sexy, shiny gifts from the grown-up world.
 Makes the mama prepare for battle.

The natural, harsh realities of life on this planet will find them soon enough.

For now,
they will play.


  1. I have two little girls, and I so appreciate this post. It is a delicate balance, trying to protect them while letting them exert some healthy independence.

    God bless you and your family.


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