May 17, 2011

Growing Season

Springtime is in full swing across the German countryside.

This is rapeseed pronounced 'rahpseed'.  It is known to us as canola.  I tried last year to capture this fluorescent crop on camera, not realizing that its color would vanish so quickly.  When it blooms, it truly is the color that it looks.   NEON!
It also makes for a horrific allergy season and its pollen settles on everything overnight,  especially when the rain has been so evasive!!!

The Eifel region's secret treasure is also coming along nicely!  The Mosel River valley is home to some of the best Rieslings in the world.

I know that the Lord surveys our lives to look at our own 'growing seasons'.   He knows planting and cultivating is difficult, exhausting work.  Raising little ones, tending a career, managing a family, all seem endless and thankless at times.  I must trust that my tasking right now, is, truly, but a season.  I've heard it said that when we have children, it's much like we are given a packet of seeds, only the seed package has no label.  We have no idea upon opening the gift of a life, how to make it grow and thrive.  Here's the kicker.  Every child, or seed,  is unique, requiring different 'tending' from the gardener.  Just when they seem perfectly watered, and turned toward the sun Son, irritating weeds sprout from out of nowhere.

Lately I've been pulling a lot of weeds.  My back hurts.

I know, I know.  'Tis but a season........

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