March 24, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

This is the FOURTH day of sunshine folks!!!!  Woohoo!!!  We've had 60 degrees for a couple days and my girls want to go 'lay out' !!!!! 

Feeling the need to ditch the black background, and 'step into the light', I have done a little bloggy spring cleaning as well.  Like the new digs?

What is it about spring that makes us want to clean out, and open up?  Get rid of the clutter and revamp?
The sun sheds new light on a life and helps to give fresh perspective.  Also shows the dust more.  The dirt.  I remember my grandmother being excited about a sunny spring day because it made her want to clean.  I will never again take the sun for granted after living in Europe.  The blue sky.  A warm breeze.

The physical human NEEDS the sun.  Vitamin D is cyber shot straight from the giant fire ball to our feel good brain center.  Proven fact.  The moods of my 'students' change according to the evasiveness of this first miracle of creation.  We love adding the option of an outdoor classroom.  One of the MAJOR perks of schooling at home. 

Our latitude here is actually a little north of Canada, so we begin to feel the longer days soon after Christmas!  I love the light!!! We don't do the Daylight Savings clock change until this Saturday, so even more is coming,,,,,Yay!!!

Leaving now to go venture into the basement to dig the patio set out of storage. 
[Dazzling smile here.]

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