February 25, 2011

Me - A Random Glimpse

I live in a land of can't talk about.  My husband works in a land of military secrecy.......in a position of authority.....so that's double jeopardy for me. 

There's so much I can't talk about, or blog about in my life that I'm constantly picking through information that I encounter.  My brain is one big coffee filter.  If, at times, my posts seem muzzled and vague, there is a plethora (love that word) of reasons why.

I can, however, talk about me. In order to let you into my world, since, after all, we are riding along on this fun-filled life-journey together, right? - here are some more random glimpses into...me....

I'm a morning person.  Usually waking on my own and I love the quiet of the early hour.

I love lists, just for the joy of checking things off.  So how come I'm always without one?  Constantly forgetting things at the store.....

I've never encountered someone personally who 'wore the rank' of her spouse and lorded it over innocents.  You hear about the terrible spouse of General (or Chief or Colonel) So-and-So who needed to get her way and pushed people out of the way, but I've never met such a woman.  Even one 4-Star General's wife that I met was very real and told openly about her struggles in her son's teen years. In the same way, that brand new 2-Striper spouse tells me about her wedding and dreams for the future.  We're all on this boat (or should I say plane?) together, and serving EACH OTHER is the way we make it work.

I love that I can be real with Jesus.

I love people who make me think.  Irrelevant whether I actually agree with them or even 'like' them or not.

I love, LOVE being a big kid mom!  God told me I'd miss the "promised land" if I quit homeschooling before high school.  Ohhhhh was He so right!!!! They crack me up!

My husband and I are opposites in every way.  BUT very cool how God has 'blended' us into one very sweet and tart smoothie!

I have lots and lots of acquaintances and just a few life-long deep, profound, friendships.  I think this stems from being the military wife and having to uproot and replant over and over.

I like all pickles.  I find it interesting that as a child I wouldn't touch sweet pickles.  Now I love them.

I've been on this homeschooling roller coaster for 12 years, terrified to 'turn the first one out' and let her make her own mark.  Always wondering if I've done enough, too much.....

I have an ongoing love affair with books and last year my sweet thang became my co-dependent by gifting me with a Kindle....

I love country music especially Rascal Flatts.

I'm a very slow texter.

I'm very good at Sudoku....like, really good....

I lost 2 babies through miscarriage, one of those was a ruptured tubal pregnancy and I nearly died from  internal blood loss.

I'm very critical of customer service in restaurants, stores.

I'm a spelling bigot.  In my view, in the age of spell check, there is no excuse for misspellings.
(By the way the Lord has really loosened me up here by moving me to Germany where the phonics rules that I know are upside down and backwards and I can't spell anything.)

I'm not really a domestic diva.  I like to cook IF I've got time and an empty clean kitchen.  (With a family of 6 - how often does that happen?)

I have a husband who I adore and is the most humble person I've ever met.

I don't really like to shop.........Aren't I a husband's dream?  Another exception here....the Container Store and any office supply.  I could spend hours just browsing...

I do love to watch people, especially in crowded places.  Fascinating!

I have tile and wood floors in my German home (like most Germans).  Even through they are very cold,  now that I've seen the 'stuff' that gets ground into installed carpet, I will never have carpet in a home I buy.

I can easily read people and situations to discern true motives.  I've learned to trust this instinct...

I'm a procrastinator........not good.

I have great difficulty spending money on things that are thrown away.....expensive garbage bags, baggies....Toilet paper tends to be that exception as I LOVE the new MEGA rolls........

I am awed by my GOD who loves me enough not to leave me this way!

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  1. Oh how I LOVE you!! I smiled and laughed out loud all the way through this post.

    The one paragraph where I stopped and read it through again and again, (out loud... to my husband... so that he knows he's not the only wife with the same "addiction" I as fully admit), was the one where you state that you're not a shopper... but that you like the Container Store and office supply stores! Me. TOO!!

    Della, you are so much fun! I love having you for my friend! You inspire me and bless me!


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