February 23, 2011

Make Way for a Miracle

Ever PREPARED for a miracle?  WHY haven't you?

I was asked by a friend the other day why Christians don't live on the edge more often........expectant....praying boldly and waiting to see the miracles.....


This question coupled with Lent season has me pondering long.

Having been raised in the Protestant Christian faith, I haven't made Lent an annual habit.  I'm not sure I even understood it growing up.  Why do some believers DO something, better yet DO WITHOUT something in preparation for Easter?  The reasoning that some evangelicals shy away from the concept probably stems from the fact that we CAN'T DO anything to top what HE DID.  He made the ultimate sacrifice FOR US.....for the simple reason that we could STOP DOING, or DOING WITHOUT.  And just receive the Miracle!

But does that make me a complacent Believer?  Do I take the MIRACLE for granted?  I want to experience it FULLY!  I've been hearing HIM lately about my own expectant living.  Preparing my heart, my house, for a Miracle. What is a Miracle you ask?  I believe a Miracle is, very simply, a personal answer to prayer.  They happen all the time, all around us.  I'm ashamed to say I probably miss a lot of them.   The Miracle of the Resurrection and Easter is a biggie....actually the BIGGEST!  How do I get ready?  Get ready for them and HIM to show up?

Honestly, it begins with cleaning.
Getting rid of the cobwebs.  Clearing the clutter.  Taking out the trash of.......unkind words.....unresolved conflict......unread Word pages.......unloveable crabbiness.  I want Him to feel welcome.....in my clean house.....And, by the way the cleaning tools to accomplish this were provided long ago.  The Bible became my beacon in the darkness, to see all those cobwebs and lint.  And, His transforming Blood washes clean. Perfect.

For some, the Lent season may also mean clearing out our self-made idols. You know those, the silly trophies we tend to collect and keep around everywhere.  A friend's family will be giving up all electronics for Lent, or for Jesus.  Whew! Could I do without Facebook or Blogger .....or chocolate...for 40 days?.... (Anything that I crave or wish for more often than I should can be an idol).....If the answer is no, maybe it's an idol, and I've learned that all idols do is clutter up and collect dust and grime. Yikes! 

Why do we do all this?  A little dirt never hurt anyone, right?  Because I want the Whole Thing!!  I want to be able to savor ALL of it!!  All of Him!!!  I want to make more room in my reformed, recreated heart to FULLY EXPERIENCE THE MIRACLE.  It's the same reason I don't eat all day if I know I'm going to the steakhouse for dinner!  I want to be hungry to FULLY EXPERIENCE THE MIRACLE!!!!  I want to be ready!!!!!

Once the house is clean, I want to set the table....to be able to dine with the King! I want to have everything else in my life 'ready' for my Miracle.  Live expectantly....look for His answers.....

The Lent season is merely a reminder of what's already been done for us.  We clean our hearts merely for the joyous annual reminder.  Readying our lives, selves for the celebration.  But He's been speaking lately about my expecting miracles DAILY.   Shouldn't my Everyday be His Celebration?

Is my table set Daily to dine with Him?  Should part of my prayer life be to set the table........and look for His answering?  The RSVP of the King.....

Even as we sit at the table, patiently waiting for our answers...and Miracles...comes Thankfulness.  Gratefulness. In the words of Ann Voskamp, "Blessing always precedes the miracle."  Does my heart search out, marvel at, the wealth of gifts He's already given?  Am I awed by my everyday miracles?  They happen moment by moment.  Do I appreciate and look for the heat that comes out of my walls on a blustery day and the gas in my tank when I rush through my life?  The sunshine?  The rain?  The laughter?  And yes, the pain?
Have I bowed and thanked at my set table?

Am I ready for the Miracle? .......How often do I pray and wait for answers and only that...........wait for answers.........

Maybe I should be setting the table........ Giving Thanks....Watching out the window......being ready.........He's RSVPed.......He's COMING!

I waited patiently for the Lord;
And He inclined to me,
And heard my cry......
.....Many, O Lord my God are Your
wonderful works
Which you have done;
And Your thoughts which are toward us
Cannot be recounted to You in order;
If I would declare and speak of them,
They are more than can be numbered.

Psalm 40:1,5

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  1. Refreshed. That's the word to describe how your post has left me.

    And with a sense of anticipation. Oh, how I love that feeling of expectancy... reveling in the love of my Savior and Redeemer... knowing He shows up in the moments throughout my day. Thank you for reminding me to look for His miracles.

    Love you, Sister.


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