February 3, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait.....

Such is the mantra of the military family.  And probably any family.

We hurry through the days only to crash head first into the bed at night awash with exhaustion from our harried lives.  This family's life has exploded with basketball events the last couple months.  The Comedian is playing for the high school team and Cherry Cheeks is also playing for the kids' league on the base. Military events (both German and American) are always on the front burner along with our usual schoolwork and now SAT/ACT prep.  I drive a lot.  All the while fighting the weather, nasty flu bugs, and my own fatigue.

We've been snow free for several weeks after our record breaking winter.  And last weekend brought much needed sunshine.  Jumping hoorays could be heard all over the German countryside as the first glimpse of it peeked out from on high.  Our backyard trees were even starting to bud..........(teeth clenching here)......And, might I add that Mr. Groundhog said we were bound for an early Spring.....(Is it all right to claim his predictions for Germany too?)

Until....the morning broke and ice fell from the heavens.....

The byways became skating rinks and nature, 'frozen' in time, could be heard saying "Whoa!!! Hold on there!! Not quite there yet everyone!!!"

Ever really looked closely at ice on trees?  You can you know.  We can study it.  Water in any other form refuses to be studied.  It's too busy.  Rushing by.  Floating away.  Sometimes waiting is His way of giving us a piece of Himself that ordinarily we won't see.
The Lord continually teaches me about waiting.  Apparently I never seem to get it right......although I do think I'm better at it now than at the beginning of our military journey.  And, yes, we are still in a holding pattern as far as assignments go.  Know what?  There is beauty here.  In this place where the circumstances cause me to pause.....ponder.

But I need to be reminded to look. Slowed down to look for the blessings.... and the wonders.

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  1. Ah, I'm taking a deep breath and another sip of my coffee. The coffee my husband just brought to me while sitting here catching up on my reading -- because I've gotten behind while hurrying through my days. This slowing down, waiting, looking long at the time-water frozen on branches. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy THIS moment, right now.


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