February 7, 2011

Beautiful Girlhood

Months ago, Cherry Cheeks begged to have a Spa-Themed Birthday Party.

"A what?"

" You know Mom......we could do facials and do our nails and makeup and hair...."..


These photos bring smiles even now.  The baby is 9.  Whew!  Where did all those years go? Sliding into the tween and teen years way too fast!

And so the mama ponders  the cultural question of the ages:  How do you celebrate beautiful girlhood without the slashings of perfection that pervade our current media and cut deep into innocent femininity?

Let me interject here that big birthday events are not an annual event in our household.  Pulling together a birthday extavaganza after a move is difficult without knowing anyone yet.......a recurring chorus happening every two or three years for meine Kinder.  That is not to say that fun is not had by all when a birthday rolls around. They've done their share of family birthday celebrations.  But this night we did celebrate girlhood, and maybe the mama's difficulty with letting go of the 'single digit' years.....forever.

We've had a crazy busy two weeks, which includes on 2-day hospital stay, sports practices/games for all offspring (translation:  daily driving 2+ hours roundtrip), and by Friday you have a harried mom trying to pull together a very difficult party for very excited little girls while fighting remnants of migraines that never disappear completely.  Help!

Here they come to save the day!!!  Two SELFLESS older sisters that (without mama's demanding them) pulled everything together, including:

* internet recipes and grocery lists for facial masks
* snack shopping lists
* house cleaning
* fun posters indicating which room was for what spa treatment (manicures, makeup, facials, etc.)
* dressing in costume as Spa Angels, complete with accents

My older girls shined tonight just as the giggly partiers.  They gave willingly to make an important event come together for baby sister and the mama.  They created hairstyles, makeup, facials, nails and toes for 9 and 10 year olds.  And,  they showed what beautiful hearts look like on the inside by underscoring that
 beauty isn't really what you do, but what you are.

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  1. What a sweet post! It truly is a blessing to be a girl/woman... :)


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