January 31, 2011

Universal White

Hospital themes are universal.  Filled with white....floors, clothes, painted walls.  The children's ward is filled with cries and worried mama faces.  Crisp white-sheeted beds are waiting.

Spent the weekend in one such room.  A quiet room.  And we waited for a doctor, and a viral rash to dissipate.  We wonder watched the window as the white star sun emerged outside from weeks of gray.  The boy and me.

White-coated doctors come to ease worry.  Anxious with so many hurts to help.  They dispense white wonder pills and white-toothed smiles despite language barriers.

It only takes some time WITHOUT to be brim-filled WITH thanks:

72. doctors who speak English

73. nurses who smile

74. Cortisone

75. American roommates

76. a very patient and graceful 9-year old girl who spent her birthday without Mom

77. a husband and dad who's life mission is to keep us all together and hurt-free

78. sisters who will clean his room, because they miss him

79. healthy children

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  1. Did I tell you before how I love your family? The way you all love each other so well. And how that splashes over onto those fortunate enough to meet you along the path.

    Thank you.


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