January 18, 2011

Limbo Land

It's happening again.  We're in Limbo.  Limbo Land.  Ever hear of it?  We arrived here way too soon.  I don't think I'm ready to camp out here again, so I think I'll  just buy a house.  Maybe some land.  The girls would, of course, like horses. I've been here so many times, I'm making friends with the neighbors.  We're at the place in this assignment where we are anxious to 'find out' what the envelope holds. (Remember it IS Golden Globes and Oscar season......)  Hidden in it is the next place home for this Air Force family.  We should be moving this summer.  Don't know where.  Don't know when.   Impossible to make plans for the future.  No clue what continent to make them on.

For all my 'non-regs' out there, the journey TO this land that I'm speaking of generally happens unexpectedly and without actually knowing you ARE there.  I think maybe we start wondering about Limbo Land when we've got a year or so left in the current assignment.  Then, when the six month marker passes with no news.....BAM!  You're there!!!!  It's made even more interesting when the next assignment possibilities are scattered all over the globe.  Impossible to plan.  Really plan.  We sketch notepads of differing   "IF-THEN" senarios.

What can we military types do if we find ourselves in Limbo Land?

Trust and claim once again Jeremiah 29:11......."For I know the plans I have for you.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future."  It is truly impossible to wear out a verse!!!!

*  Gain a fresh new perspective on all those boxes, still down in the basement.  Stil waiting to be unpacked.  Need to deal with them now.  What needs to be purged? 

*  For my homeschooling kindred spirits - Buckle down on school while there are no outside worries and time bandits to steal us away.

*  Instead of beginning the 'backing away' process too early, glean moments of memories with cherished friends.  I, for one, am notorious for 'retreating' too soon from relationships, I think, in order to make goodbyes easier in the long run.  All I end up with are regrets.

I often wonder about people who don't move often.  How really does one live without boxes that start to grow attached to you?  Some of these quiet, square friends really like watching my kiddos grow up.  They wait patiently.  They've been neglected for a couple years since our last move relationship with them.  They anticipate us rekindling our little affair with them.  Feed them some more packing tape.  They're very loyal. 

Entering Limboland again makes me also wonder about the big R in the sky.....Retirement.  Our friends are slowly  finding the road there......to Retirement Land.  We'll get there eventually.  But is Retirement Land so different from Limbo Land?  Also a land of the unknown.  All we know are stories told by those who made it there.  There was a time when Limbo Land was thrilling, alight with the coming adventure.  It still is, to a point, but with four other lives also directly affected by the envelope....sometimes it can rattle the nerves of the mama.  Trust mama. Trust Him, Mama.  Trust.

Plans..... to give you hope and a future..........Gifts.....from none other than the Author of  Hope himself!!!!

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  1. You sure summed up the changing nature of Limbo Land perfectly... I'm just now realizing that in many ways, it's EASIER being told where to go and being responsible for making the best of it--now that Matt's retirement is on the horizon (still in the distance, but creeping closer) it's a little scary realizing we have to decide on the next chapter. Eeek!


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