January 17, 2011

The Pursuit

He's after me again.........such JOY in being pursued....

61. green technicolor grass after a month of gray days

62. husbands who cook waffles on a Saturday morning

63. little girls who still love to play 'dress-up'

64. sun's shadows in the trees after days without sun

Remember the feeling of budding romance from years past.... the twinkle in his eye.......the giggly butterflies alight when the phone rings.....the rosy glow of the lens when you look at him.....drying and keeping the roses he gave......reading o'er and o'er the notes he wrote - meant only for you..........anticipation.........treasuring the moments.....BEING the treasure........

Having been reminded suddenly discovered the secret to JOY.......I'm enjoying being pursued...by none other than the ONE who knit me together nearly 44 years ago.  His gifts have gone unnoticed for a time, but I'm now  noticing......documenting......savoring.  Where have I been?

TODAY....have you noticed the gifts in your life, the gift OF your life?  Have you named them?  Out loud? 

Seems to me Oprah had the country doing 'thankfulness journals' a while back. But I think she was missing the purpose. It's hard to be thankful without anyone to be thankful TO. Instead, I believe each of the gifts in my life is PERSONAL. From someONE. THE One.   Planned, and thought out. Just for me. Why would He do that? Because He loves me.......wants to show me....And I don't want to miss a one......I want to look for them. Anticipate.

I've just finished reading 1000 Gifts - A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp.  In a word, it's changed me.  Ever wonder why throughout the Bible, God put so much emphasis on our thanksgiving, gratefulness?  The obvious reason is that we should obviously be thankful, given that we owe our all to HIM. 

But maybe, just maybe,  my own soul is changed when I look for His gifts. Interestingly, my worries and 'problems' (sometimes only self-perceived at that) seem to vanish like the morning mist.  These gifts really are that, gifts, wooing me into a deeper relationship with Him.  My perspective changes when I dwell on what He's given.  And maybe the fact THAT He's given.  Made the effort. After all, doesn't your day turn around with a flower deliveryman at your door?  Or even a surprise call from an old friend?  Couldn't I at least 'make the effort' to acknowledge them?

65. offspring who say 'thank you' for driving them to an event....again....

66. unused umbrellas

67. ears to hear the boy-child's name announced as a game starter

Ann's challenged me to keep a physical, literal list.  She herself began hers and wanted to see how long it took to get to 1000.  I've started my own list.  And, after reading the book, I see this 'list' more as HIS love letter to me....just me....

Ever look at your blessings that way?  So personal, honest, amazing.....

As my sweet friend Sharon says....."Makes me feel like I'm HIS favorite...."

How do I deserve such rich gifts that touch my very soul......

Ahhhhhh....that's just it........

I don't.

They are mine 'just because He loves me'.......

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  1. Thanking Him for your friendship and the blessing that your entire family is.

    And about that JOY in being PURSUED! Oh! You said it so eloquently, "He's after me again." How I love that!


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