November 22, 2010

Flannel Sheets

My Texan readers probably won't get this post.  Mainly because the winters in Texas equate to the summers in Montana.  As a born and raised Texan who's been shovelling snow for the last 21 winters mostly in the northwest, let me just say that if you've never experienced bone chilling cold, you can't experience warmth.

Here in Deutschland, the weather has 'turned' as my fellow Americans say .  Every day seems to bring cold (around 40 or so) and drizzly rain.  Continuous clouds bring an utter nighttime darkness that I really don't think I've ever experienced before. 

Warmth is a constant longing.

Unfortunately, my recouping leg requires me to walk often during the day.  Yuck.  I'm wishing for a nice big American (warm) mall to power walk.  Walking outside in the thick drizzly weather is not on my list of favorites. The Eifel region is actually even more inclimate than, say, Ramstein. Where it's situated makes all the difference.  The rolling hills combine with the Gulf stream and trap the moisture.  Nationals do not, however, let any kind of weather stop them from anything.  I'm trying... Like I said, warmth is a constant longing.....

The beginning of the week saw a mama trying to get her head back in the game of actually being the mama, and teacher. Our weekend before was busy (as it is typically with 4 offspring and a squadron). And, on top of regular chores, on this day, I had multiple events that required the mama to don the chauffeur's hat.  Alas, I overdid it.  By the end of the day, my body was screaming for my incredible bed with the freshly made flannel sheets.  I couldn't wait to sink into the comfort and WARMTH and softness and fragrance of it.  My body yearned for its bliss and relief. I wanted it so badly I could taste it. 

Do you love your bed?  As the years ring up on my body, my bed has grown exponentially in importance.  Perhaps multiple moves (especially an overseas PCS that will leave you bedless for months at a time), have made me appreciate my bed even more.

On this night, my being longed for my bed.

And then I heard His small voice..... reminding me....."I want to be your flannel sheets". 

I smiled.  His love is like that. 

Warm. Comforting. Inviting.  Soft.  Forgiving.  Fragrant..

He longs to envelop all of me.  All of my imperfections. Hurts. 

As the cold rain danced on my bedroom window, I thought about how He wants me to long for His comfort. For no other reason than so He can freely give it to me....Amazing....

Amazing grace.....?

I'm thankful for my Flannel Sheets...........

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  1. I've been awake since 2:03 AM... thought I'd catch up on e-mails... and my blog reading.

    What a blessing! How thankful I am for you, Della! What a powerful ministry of encouragement God has given you!! You have no idea how your writing touches my soul in the deepest places -- restores my perspective on God's love and grace and sovereignty.

    Yes, the warmth and comfort of Him! Amen!


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