August 2, 2010

Twenty Years

That's a big number!

Especially when it's paired with such a young gal like me!

For those of you who are old enough to remember, here are some other biggies of 1990:

Iraq invades Kuwait
Smoking is banned on airplanes
In October Germany is officially reunified (after the wall fell in 1989)
Dr. Jack Kevorkian assists his first suicide
The Hubble space telescope is launched into orbit
The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed
Nelson Mandela is released from prison
Children (young and old) mourn Jim Henson

Top movies for 1990 were:

Home Alone
Dances with Wolves
Pretty Woman
Driving Miss Daisy

And, here's the biggest testament to how all our lives have changed since 1990!!!!!  The internet wasn't around yet!!!  TRULY!  Doesn't that blow your mind?

The year was 1990 and big hair was still 'in'! After dating on and off for nearly 5 years throughout college, two babies stood on hallowed ground and, before Him, pledged a covenant of love, FOREVER.
We knew exactly what we were doing.

Then, while on our honeymoon in Hawaii, we watched news of Iraq invading Kuwait, and the implications of our military. (Scary stuff for a brand new AF wife, without even an ID card yet!)  Immediately after our wedding, we moved away from family, and anything familiar, to Vandenberg Air Force base for a few months, then to Malmstrom AF base in Montana. The big adventure began!!!!

And just like any relationship, or person for that matter, a marriage grows and changes over 20 years.  It is HE who melds together, changes hearts, and is able to make ONE from TWO!  I'm so grateful He doesn't expect us to go it alone!!!

He has made a family from two babies on that hot July day 20 years ago!

It's Multitude Monday...

Today I'm thankful for:

twenty years spent with the ONE meant for me

a God who has melded us into a new entity, not letting us stay stagnate

a lifetime lived with the man who simply lets me 'BE'

twenty years of laughter

a God who heals hearts and gives new beginnings

making it through the baby years with a man who LOVED every moment, including diapers

a man content to sit with me in the audience to watch the 'circus'

twenty years of memories

a marriage lived with no regrets

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