August 10, 2010

The Louvre

Ready for some culture?

Visiting the Louvre connotes a desire to be changed by great works of art. The short afternoon spent there was fascinating and introspective....and maybe a little sad. I kept feeling as if my own lack of knowledge and talent made me unworthy to admire these great works.  I found myself pondering: Is the detail that was lovingly applied to a historical piece, in whatever form,  lost today?  Do I truly have any satisfactory appreciation  for the toil of this artist?  Not classifying myself as an artist per se, I do have a new understanding of that word, especially when it resides next to art.  
 Mona Lisa by Da Vinci

Liberty Leading the People  by Eugene Delacroix

Winged Victory of Samothrace

Venus de Milo by DaVinci

Granted, we only visited the most famous wing, encasing artists like Michelangelo, and DaVinci, but I was amazed at how many works, including the Venus de Milo above, were broken, imperfect.  We even found several with no heads.  Funny how their worth isn't affected.  These pieces are valued simply by virtue of their creator.

 So similar to them are we.............

Also on this day, I became a lover of ceilings.  The Louvre and later Versailles have ruined me for plain white ceilings. 

Even the architectural detail of the Louvre moves me.

I am changed.

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