August 3, 2010

Tour de Eiffel

Paris!! What a wondrous week!
C'est magnifique!

We're starting this Traveling Tuesday with a magnifying glass on the Eiffel Tower!  What a ride! Literally!  The icon of  'gay Paris', it DID NOT disappoint!  The structure itself tends to act as a magnet and draws the hoards straight from the Metro station.  Although through the ages, the locals have wanted to tear it down, it remains the heart of the city.  We found July to be crawling with tourists, waiting patiently in day-long lines for a trip to the top (The best decision of our trip to pass along to YOU: buy your tickets ON line and you don't wait IN line).

Built in 1889 for the World's Fair by Gustave Eiffel, the structure sits on the Champs de Mars, is made of puddled iron, a very pure form of structural iron, and is the height of  an 81-story building.

The view of Paris from the top is breathtaking!  The city reminded me of Washington D.C. in its layout, which was designed, interestingly, by Charles L'Enfant, a Parisian artist.

The 'boys' got a kick out of watching the gears operate the elevators!

Yes I actually took this picture!  From an evening boat ride on the Seine! 

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