August 25, 2010


We're off and running!! This week we started school.  Brand new year.

Thinking maybe this may be one of our best beginnings yet!!  Mom is feeling in control and energized. 


    Sort of......

It is amazing what preparedness does for the sense of peace.  I really haven't done much this year to prepare any more than normal, except make sure they know exactly what I am requiring, in every subject. Honestly, I've really failed at this the past couple of years.  Don't we get frustrated NOT knowing what we are expected to do?    Or how we're expected to do it?  I know I do.  Isn't that true in whatever our endeavors are?  He knows this about our humanness too. That's why He left us a BIBLE!!!  Our guide for ........everything!!!!

I have loved having 'only school' to concentrate on this August and not having moving boxes staring at me as well. This won't be the case next year.  Even though we're a long way off from then, their questions of the future have already started. I have no answers. Military kids learn early about giving up control.   AHHH...but what a grand training ground to learn these lessons as children.  Training for life down the road. We can only wish for such uncomplicated faith. Even with the world as their stomping ground.  Lord help me to teach them to rest in You. I hear Him chuckle as He knows the lessons begin with me.

So many ifs, questions, decisions.  Already beginning the planning of what's next on our military road of adventure.  This is the part of the military that is not for the faint hearted.  Especially as rank progresses.  The 'what nexts' come quicker and quicker.  Although we are once again in that limbo land where we don't know where we'll be sleeping 10 months from now, I really just need to enjoy the 'what nows'.  But maybe this is part of their our 'education'.  The real part.  Where they learn about the REAL TEXTBOOK... to lean on and glean HIS EXPECTATIONS.
All we truly have is today.  Today we learn Biology, and multiplication, and talk about  travel possibilities in Munich and maybe Rome.

Lord, we need clarity and wisdom and clear direction.  As I tell the littles to focus..........I'M reminded again to focus. 
On Him.

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