August 5, 2010

Finding Peace in the Olive Oil


Trying very hard to NOT be overwhelmed.

Can I really do this?

This actually is NOT all the schoolbooks, there's MORE stacked behind.  I've got two high schoolers, one middle schooler and a third grader this year.  The oldest's books are the thickest, most time intensive, with titles like Grapes of Wrath, Moby Dick and The Jungle.  And the second born will be cracking Treasure Island, Jane Eyre, and Pilgrim's Progress.....sigh....U.S. Government, Algebra II, Biology, Advanced Biology....sigh......

This may be my most difficult year in just keeping up with all of them.  Little 'aside' here for the other homeschooling mamas...........I just discovered a wonderful surprise with a new math curriculum, Teaching Textbooks!   IT GRADES FOR ME on the computer!!!!!!!!  Do you know what that does for my soul?  The freedom of TWO less math lessons to grade every day?

Also looming out there are ponderings of where we may be going next summer......No clue....And so many places on our list to visit.  Will we perhaps have more time here, on this side of the ocean?  No clue.   Munich's coming up next month, and  already planning a trip to Rome.  How will we keep up with all this school AND travel.....a lot.....?  No clue. And what about my role with the spouses of this squadron.  My burden is for their marriages at this Very Difficult assignment.  They've all been through the wringer this year.  I need to be there to help them drip dry and still retain their original shape. How do I do that?  How do I do ALL this?

Ah, but He knows how.  Not only does He have a clue, He has a very detailed map of the rest of our time at this assignment.

He's got it all mapped out, every detail.

 I got a close up look at HIS details at the end of this move when the condiments left for me by the previous Air Force renter in our house here were the exact ones I'd had to discard in Montana.  Don't tell me God's not in the details.  I cried when I looked in the pantry and saw the exact olive oil and other 'unshippables' I'd left behind.  I realize the silliness of that, but I have great difficulty with waste.  And as a military family, it's a great challenge to NOT throw away perfectly good food that we are not allowed to ship (oils etc).  Usually it all goes to neighbors.  And then we must buy the same things all over again on the other end.

 But this time it was all already there.

He knew the American base was now 40 miles away instead of around the block. He knew I was battered and bruised from a very stressful move and this was just a little hug from Him to me that said, "Oh baby, I've got your back.  Just rest in ME!"

"You will keep him (or her) in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he (or she) trusts in YOU!"
                          Isaiah 26:3

There goes that upside down reasoning again that He's famous for. A spirit that exudes peacefulness is the opposite of how my anxious heart wants to behave! What I love about this verse is that He doesn't tell me to be peaceful and calm, He just tells me to keep my mind on HIM!!!

Isn't that what He's always telling us?

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  1. Thank you. That. was. just exactly what I. needed. to. hear.

    Love you, Sister!


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