June 22, 2010

Mandersheid - Our First Castle

Mandersheid.  Our first castle.  Great memories.  Still in our hotel room, victims of the jet lag monster and needing to get out and explore, the Allens took on our first adventure in Deutschland.  Eyes were saucers, even those attached to the big people. Though this particular castle is more or less considered ruins, our imaginations were free.  Ladies in heavy gowns, knights on horseback, armor at the ready. 
These all met us there.

Then later in August (the month known for its festivals) Mandersheid hosts its own Medieval Fest.  Nothing like going to a real castle to experience medieval culture!  Lo and behold!  Our imaginings showed up again, this time in technicolor.....and 3-D!

Transported back 700 years, we watched jousting, fencing, a hawking demonstration........

...........and the Comedian became a knight for a time.

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  1. I love the jousting festival, it is by far our favorite festival here.


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