June 9, 2010

Goodbye Season

My Facebook post yesterday stated, "Goodbye season stinks."

It does.

Goodbye season, otherwise known around all military divisions and ranks as PCS season, 'permanent change of station' season.  I've always thought that particular acronym ironic in that the term 'military' itself is anything BUT permanent.  It does mean, more or less, that you get to take all your stuff.  This is opposed to a TDY move (temporary duty) where usually only the military member goes with just suitcases.

Just this week the Sweet Thang and I will attend 4-5 'going aways', events to commemorate someone's plucking from the nest. 

It's just part of the military culture, but I don't have to like it.  The last 'plucking' was especially hard.  The friends that shared our souls back in Montana are literally now scattered all over the world.  Some of them are retiring now, moving on from the military scene.  A piece of me will always be with them.  Being stationed together for a time, especially when rough waters rock the boat, endears strangers to each other, and makes for tightly woven, bonded friends. 

After a PCS, there is no time to waste to 'dig in', especially with children in tow.  We don't have 'years' to get to know each other.  We are Oreo middles.  We get right to the good part with relationships.  Especially as women, we know when to spot that 'instant connection' and jump on it.  A learned skill? I think so.  We put ourselves out there each time.  We give a piece of ourselves to each other.  "Hey, I'm me and here is my heart and soul for you if you want it.  It may be battered up some from being transplanted so many times, but it works well."  No time for petty squabbles.  Too much to do.  We learn to appreciate and work around personality differences for the greater good.

So when do I run out of me?  When have I given all of myself that I'm empty?  AH!!  That's the surprise 'gooeyness' in the middle..  You see, when I'm pouring out myself, there are others who are pouring themselves into me, changing me, sweetening me, making me more savory. 
 I can't control the me I'll end up when it's time for us to move again.  The me I am today contains little bits of friends from a military career spanning 20 years. The Lord's hand is so incredible at placing EXACTLY who I need in my life at the exact time I need them.  Happens every time.  I stand back in awe of His handiwork.

We are not the ones packing this summer, we will be the ones wishing 'farewell' (never goodbye in the military) to those who have blessed us here for the last year.  We will be the ones to begin the 'hello' season for the newbies coming in.  Wonder what the Lord is cooking up?..........(smile).....

Father, help me to stay vulnerable and moldably soft to be shaped by the friends you put in my life.  As You embrace me, help me to embrace change in my life, once again.

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  1. Thanks for the article. I spent four years in the Navy and always thought it odd that the military moved people around so much. I think they would have better retention if families could stay in one place longer.


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