June 5, 2010

The Gals with the Band Aids

The sunny afternoon found seven amazing ladies at the park, soaking up both the sun and the conversation,  while the kids played.

In our moves and travels, I'm always amazed at the other homeschooling mamas the Lord plants in my path.  These women never fail to be fearless.  And the ones who are sporting military families to boot......I'm telling you, incredible.  They are not afraid to march to a different drum, and sometimes just begin their own orchestras.  They can face multiple deployments, moves all over the world, even while changing diapers and giving spelling tests. 

I am happy to sit and glean any nugget I can of their life's lessons.  So much to teach me...about living and loving.  I've often thought that these home school families, ones who have answered the call to school their children within the parameters of the family, are God's wishes for redeeming the family itself.  I truly believe that the family is the last stronghold of a Christian nation.  Without strong families who are grounded in the Word, who are raising their children also with respect for God's institutions, our foundations will crumble.  Nothing else could please the Enemy more. And just how might he do it?  How can he attack these bastions of the faith?  Infuse the mama, the keepers of the flame, with depression.

Depression sneaks its silent tentacles into the women who are oblivious to their own needs and wishes.  Their only concerns are those of their families.  And yet, it sneaks in, mostly unrecognizable in the beginning

As we sat and absorbed each other's thoughts and wisdom, I pondered how many of us have been through our own maze of this disease.  Unfortunately, it almost seems like a right of passage.  Did I just say that?  Is it that rampant? 

 It is.  It threatens, overwhelms, exhausts, douses the flame. 
But by the Grace of God alone, does not defeat.

The Evil one underestimates these women......all victorious, with God-igniting pilot lights, albeit with long, ugly roads of not so pleasant memories.  These giants of the faith now can spot the signs of depression, sometimes disguising itself as sadness, the blues, anxiety, anger,  in those coming behind, and quickly don their own weapons to jump into the fight.  It is a fight.

I think about all those women, mentors, who have stopped along the way to take my hand, pick me up, dust me off, bandage my knees, wipe my tears, and pull me back out there............Thank you
It's my turn to turn around ....with a hug.....and provide the band aids.


  1. oh my goodness, you almost made me cry again ;) I just love your insight!

  2. {contented smile...} I left that park feeling filled up, refreshed... grateful beyond words for these friendships.

    love you!


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