June 21, 2010


When I get to heaven, one of my first questions will be, "Why on earth did You give us free choice?"

Wouldn't it be so much easier if He directed our every path, decision, footstep.  We couldn't mess up.  We wouldn't agonize over which road to take, when we got to the fork.  We wouldn't have to spend time seeking His mind.  The decision would be made.  The perfect one.

Sweet Thang and I deliberated this over our early morning coffee. The stillness and newness of the weekend morning sometimes affords us introspection, together.  Precious time for conversation and 'catching up' from the busyness of the week.  We discussed the difficulties of watching our friends and loved ones make poor choices.   Why can't they see consequences down the road?  Are the trees hiding the road signs?  Why are the obvious not so obvious to the ones choosing?  Why does He give us the the ability to choose?

We are the only created beings that CAN choose.  Just like He chose us and chooses us, He wants us to choose Him back.  Why?  Because a doll, or puppet, isn't a lot of fun after a certain maturity level.  We want the real thing, to love back, to talk back, to hug back.  HE wanted the real thing, to love back to talk back, to hug back. 

But sometimes decisions are hard.  Burns and scars, both physical and emotional are often the result of poor choices.  We don't mean to hurt ourselves, or anyone else.  But, if all our decisions were made, perfectly, there would be no option for casualty, right? And no wasted time trying to figure Him out, right?  I have a friend who calls these 'forks in the road' opportunities to trust God...........

Ahhh... But here's the kicker....The process involving our measly efforts to 'figure Him out' is, ultimately, the definition of life itself. The life that He created. Set in motion by TIME, which..........HE also created. So, in effect, there is no such thing as wasting His time. Not when we are searching for Him. His time is just that....His. His gifts of opportunities.... to trust Him........

We're in the midst of making a decision for our family and there's no easy answer.  There's no moral right or wrong to either choice, but I wish I could see down the road at what the future holds.  These kinds of decisions make for frustrating days.  Prayers for closed doors make the choosing easier. I need help at the fork.  Opportunities to trust God.......

My last semester in college I took an unusual class that was reserved for graduating seniors.  It involved physical activities to develop trust and leadership skills within both the individuals in the class, and the group.  A dramatic and diverse class, the activities within it ranged  from rappelling to writing letters to ourselves that we would receive 5 years in the future.  (That one was powerful!) One of the most difficult classes was conducted at an obstacle course.  We were required to choose a partner and lead him through the course, (with some obstacles being 8 feet off the ground all the while being harnessed in rappelling gear).  But, the one being led was blindfolded.  And the one leading could not speak.  Talk about trust!  That exercise involved SURRENDER,  and yielding, in its most basic terms.

Just like my partner in class, He speaks and leads in interesting ways.  Doing that obstacle course required me to 'trust and obey' with the three remaining senses that could be used. It feels sometimes as my 'forks' come, that I am groping along, struggling to cling to what I know.  His touch. 

Opportunities to trust God.......

Keep me clinging Lord!

It's Multitude Monday...
I'm thankful today for:
opportunities to trust you with both the 'bigs' and the 'littles'

Daddy time

bowling allies

friends who 'just know'

a dad who was and is always dependable

a man who 'sees the big picture' and sticks to his convictions

closed doors still to come

a God who gives wisdom freely

His provision, ALWAYS better than what I had envisioned

my family's health

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