May 3, 2010

Rest...........What's That?

I've come to the conclusion after NOT being in America for nearly 11 months that generally speaking, we in the U.S. have no concept of what the term rest (in the Biblical sense) really means.  We really don't.  We are continually impatient with stores and restaurants for NOT being open at all hours of the day or night.  There are gas stations, pharmacies and  Wal-marts open 24 hours, and it they're not, we complain.  We are constantly pressured to do more, work more, play more, be more.

I am reminded of this on a weekly basis as NOTHING is open on Sunday in Germany....not even grocery stores.  Imagine that, a people that plans ahead...........And, Saturday was  Labor Day here, a national holiday, which meant AGAIN that nothing was open on Saturday either.  Can you imagine a total weekend with no stores open????  In America we can be up in arms when a store is actually closed on CHRISTMAS!! Well, in my house this weekend was heavenly!  Our 'family times' have been rare and valuable the last few months with the hubby's demanding job and so I diligently try to guard our weekends with my 'weapons cocked'!!

As our particular Worship service at the base is on Sunday afternoons, we take Sunday mornings to just be together, usually with a big southern breakfast. Inspections, exercises and the like had really taken their toll on the sweet thang the last month or so and he just truly needed to rest, as in go back to bed............which both of us were able to do mid-morning on Sunday.  A couple of extra hours in the sack (really sleeping) in the middle of the day can do wonders for the soul!  The pressure to 'get out and do' was taken away because well, we COULDN'T!!  What a blessing!

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  1. Della, I loved the fact that Germany and Europe closed things up on Sundays. We in the US really are much too dependent on everything being available 24/7. We miss so much because we don't slow down every now and then. To find a cafe and have coffee and a piece of kuchen, now that's the way to relax and enjoy life! ; )


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