May 16, 2010

The Gift of Completion

The day dawned cold and overcast....not ideal for a race. It truly was the kind of day that you want to grab a juicy book and snuggle in with a hot cup of cocoa!!  My sweet pal Sharon, new friend, yet fellow traveler with me on soooo many of life's journeys, who also showed up for the race, also with the family in tow, commiserated with me that that is indeed where we should be...

So, we all waited for the start time, and I was feeling very lucky to have my husband for a running partner, after he said he'd go with me at the last minute for support!  Never run this far in one shot before....."Alright Lord, it's you and me....Why again are you having me do this???  On a day like this????"

He softly replied, and I do believe I could hear a smile...  "Because I want you to know what it feels like to finish...."

With this morsel to chew on, I thought about what that meant.  He knows me like none other.  He knows of my struggle on the homeschooling front for the last 11 years.  That race is more like a marathon.....I'm tired.   He knows of my military friendships that always seem to be 'left dangling' with yet another move on the horizon.  He knows of my struggles with 'mommydom' and the ever changing list of problems and situations with 2 teenagers, 1 emerging pubescent, and 1 nearly middle schooler.  He knows of my never ending, daily battle with dirt, dust and laundry caused by the same culprits listed above. Not a lot in my life ever gets 'finished'.

And we're off....Me with way more adrenaline than I thought could be pumping through my veins.....

Most of the way in the beginning was a slow decline downhill.  And you know what that meant...the return  would be mostly UPHILL...  But, we turned the corner and kept a'goin'!   I began to think, "Lord, I'm so grateful that our lives aren't always uphill!"  Isn't that true?

Three quarters of the way done and my legs are starting to tire...Interesting, because I thought that it would be my breathing that would be harder....Another hill, and then we're on the home stretch....

Rick was a few paces in front of me most of the way merely to accommodate the width of the path, but as we crossed the finish line, he slowed down so we could go across together......Love that man!!

And once again I could feel HIM smiling........And I know that today was a gift from Him who knows me best.... the gift of completion.....


  1. This is great, Della! You really are a gifted writer and I am so glad that our gracious Lord gave you such a clear and uplifting message to carry you to completion. Way to go!

  2. Great post, Della. I'm Jessica. Nice to meet you. :o)

  3. Ah! Just now catching up on my blog reading -- and finding myself enchanted and inspired by your writing, Dear Della!! I agree with Sharolyn -- you are a gifted writer as you cause me to feel I'm running the race with you... as you inspire me to keep my eye on the goal of finishing... completion! I love it! And I love you, sweet friend! I'm glad for this opportunity to get to know you!

  4. Congratulations on completion!

    It is such a great feeling, isn't it?

    We have run a half-marathon with our kids the past two years so that early on they can experience the satisfaction of training and then starting--and most importantly finishing--a race.

    They did it, and the fatigue mixed with joy is priceless.

    So glad to meet you through High Calling Blogs! My husband grew up in Belgium and his entire family still lives there (well, one of his siblings lives in France) so I have had the privilege of visiting Germany a couple of times when in Europe. Enjoy your adventure!


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