May 10, 2010

Enchanted Mother's Day

The fam and I journeyed yesterday, on our Mother's Day adventure, up to Sayn (Koblenz) to experience a little taste of the tropics with the Garten der Schmetterlinge (or Butterfly Garden).  What a spectacular way to spend a relaxing afternoon, with hundreds of butterflies alight all around!!!

Just outside was a formal park/garden area beckoning me to lose myself in it.

AND just across the street from that was the breathtaking Schloss Sayn or palace of the Sayn royalty encompassing 6 generations of Sayn-Wittgenstein princesses.

The schloss sits just below the 800 year old Burg Sayn.  The little village of Sayn was, down through history, famous for its ornamental wrought iron.

Every castle must have a wishing well!!!!

We also visited part of the Festung Ehrenbreitstein which is a Roman fortification built between 10 and 8 B.C. and it overlooks the point where the Mosel converges with the Rhein River.  Truly inspiring to stand where so much history has taken place over thousands of years.

This was formerly the strongest fortress in Europe, second only to Gibraltar and "is the only piece of architecture of artistic and historical rank built in the Rhineland under Prussian rule."  At one time it even housed the skull of St. Matthew in a chapel built for that purpose.  The reason for its remarkable strength that has withstood thousands of years of civilizations, is simply because it is built into solid rock.

It's fitting to visit this site on Mother's Day.  Rick and I both have been so blessed to have been given strong mothers and grandmothers in our lives that molded us and shaped us to be prepared for our lives today. Oh that we would continue to build our lives and legacies into the unchanging Rock as you have begun!! We love you!!!

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