April 7, 2010

Passover - Remembering God's Mighty Acts

Last Thursday night the kids and I were lucky enough to get to attend the base's Passover Seder Dinner.  Though we are obviously not Jewish, we jumped at the chance to participate and experience some Old Testament culture.  As New Testament Christians, sometimes I think we have lost some of the importance of handing down beliefs to the next generation.  The whole reason in celebrating the Passover is so that God's provision would always be shared and understood by the next generation.  I couldn't help but ask myself, "Have we shared enough about what God is doing in our own lives with our children?" 

Since the kids were little, we've kept our "Joshua Basket" that's filled with stones commemorating big events of God's provision for our family.  (In the Bible, it is Joshua that led the Jews to stand stones upright as a sign to "Look at what God did here!" In our modern culture, it is also where we get the idea for tombstones.) We have a rock from outside the house that He sold for us in Colorado, a rock from the pasture where we bought Lenae's horse, a rock of a time when Daddy was gone often TDY and "God took care of us", and many more.  But honestly, we haven't gotten it out and talked about those times in a while. Just like the Jews never want to forget what God has done in their lives, we as Christians should feel the same urgency and importance attached to our family legacies of His workings.

That night I got to experience some words with an event that Jesus shared with His disciples the night before his crucifixion.  They were "just together" as Jews and by celebrating the Passover, remembered God's mighty acts in preserving them as a people through the ages.  Never in their wildest dreams did the disciples dream that the next day, Jesus' death and later resurrection would be the single greatest miracle of God, redeeming not just the Jews, but all of mankind.

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  1. I am still pondering that night as well... him a Joshua basket what a great idea.. do you suppose it is too late to start one... nah it is never too late.


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