April 8, 2010

Race? Me?

This week marks Week 3 of training for my first 5K race........
Let me begin here by saying that I am the world's best procrastinator!  And honestly it's been a struggle over all these homeschooling years for the Lord to chisel me into more of a disciplined mom and teacher.  So the fact that I'm doing this is....let's just say...... scary.  (And just posting it on the blog adds even more reality.......eeek!)

I first started running/walking years ago when I was ordered to by my doctor (to combat the effects of mild depression/anxiety issues) just for some physical relief, which by the way is soooooo healing.  I don't enjoy it really, other than to be alone with Him in His natural world.....Love being outside to run!......Not so much a fan of a stinky gym....Rocky was the same way, inspired by people and something to CONQUER.  Can't you just hear the music?

During our last assignment in Montana, I was a more regular runner BUT, I  became even more of a fan of how it made me feel AFTER!!!!  Then, since coming here and experiencing 6 months of rain and snow, I haven't been able to 'enjoy' a run outside.  That's when my friend Sharolyn stepped in.  "Come on Della, we can do this!"  I do believe that God puts people in our lives that He sees we need to make us better!  (I could so totally post on this topic alone...) They are His 'boots on the ground' to accomplish His will! 

So she sends me a schedule to train for  a 5k in 6 weeks, for a total beginner.  Here's the first day:

Monday - REST

No joke.
I don't know about you, but I'm thinking, any running schedule that begins on the first day with REST, I can handle.  And, I need to also add here, that we live in THE most beautiful area with running/walking/biking trails ALL OVER the rolling hills.  And they start just behind our house.  It's really incredible!  Germany has these all over the country and they connect all the towns and villages.  So anyone could bike from town to town and not ever hit a roadway for cars!!!!  Consequently, by the way, Germans are way more fit as a general rule than Americans!!  They have all these trails at their fingertips, and at least in this area, they know the necessity of getting outside when the weather is nice, for both the mental and physical benefits.

So, yesterday I ran farther than I've ever gone and I MADE IT!!  This astounds me, but I don't know why.  Why should it surprise me to know that if I follow the plan, I will get stronger?  And, for the first time ever, I reached a point today where I thought, "You know, this isn't so bad!"  I don't know if that's what serious runners call "hitting the wall" where you think you could just run forever.  Hoping it's not.  I really want to get to a point where I LIKE to run................I'll keep you posted!!!!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin which so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.  Hebrews 12: 1

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