April 14, 2010


He's back home!!!  On Saturday Rick trekked up to Frankfurt International to pick our 5th 'child' -the 3 1/2 year old Brittany -who had been having a grand time with the Louisiana 'grandparents' for the last 10 months.

Who would have thought that a simple 'dog pick-up' would entail visits (and euro paid) not only to the airline, the airline cargo area, but U.S. Customs and vet as well, taking hours.  Since Saturday, he's been laying around a lot and makes me remember what we felt like when we got here!!!!  Wow, jet lag affects dogs too!

Elijah, nevertheless, is adapting well and he has inserted back into our lives seamlessly.  I think he may be calmer.....he's also a year older.  I've been taking note of other neighborhood 'hunds' around here, and I've found that no one leaves their dogs out in the yard unattended, even if it's fenced in.  Interesting. I wonder if that is because the weather is so often rainy. And, pets go everywhere with their owners, even inside buildings and restaurants.  We've been taking advantage of all the walking/bike paths too.  I think he'll love it here!


  1. It's actually illegal to leave your dog in the yard unattended here. There are LOTS of rules when it comes to dogs-some crazy! But, that's probably why you don't see it! He is such a pretty pup! Glad you have him back!

  2. we went through the same customs thing with our puppy... then to top it off Rob missed his exit coming home and ended up near Koln... fun times. But so worth it to have your family complete. He is super sweet!


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