March 19, 2010

What is Your Passion?

What is your passion?  Are you one of the few blessed 'chosen' who actually gets 'paid to play'?  In other words do you get paid to do what you love?  I actually know very few people who have followed their passions till they 'paid off'.  I've been mulling this question lately....Maybe being 'out of my element' in a non-English speaking place causes me to rethink all of life's 'biggies'. 

I've just finished reading Julia Child's My Life in France, the book about which the movie Julie and Julia was based.  I can relate to so much of her life.  She followed her civil servant husband all over the world and literally stumbled upon her passion.  She wasn't looking for it, it found her.  In her late thirties, she found herself newly married and in a foreign country.  Just looking for something to keep herself busy, she stumbled upon Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, and, as they say, the rest is history.

I have spent the last 17 years bearing, feeding, cleaning, and educating my children. Period.  I do have a passion for (and I believe it is God-given) helping them find their passions.  What is it that the Lord has placed in them that drives them?  I know what that thing is for the oldest, still praying about the other 3.  I believe that this passion comes solely from my Savior.  I can't do this without His guidance and cheerleading in the wings.  It's just too hard.  I've said before that anything my children have learned over their school years is IN SPITE OF my measly efforts.

But, there are other kinds of passions as well.  Talents and abilities that He has programmed inside us all.  I've heard it said that a passion is something you'd do for free.  Good definition.  I love the written word, books, and especially love true stories.  Everyone has a story, and real life is always more interesting than fiction.  As a youngster, I had lots of books in my room and would sometimes set up my own 'library'.  Ok, I know I'm a geek.  I still have and am acquiring our 'family library'.  We have tons of books, not that great for a military family with 4 children who is always concerned with weight issues (we have a weight limit of our household goods, and... books are heavy).  Have I told you I love books?  (On a side note, my husband presented to me a Kindle for my birthday.  It is globally accessible, will hold 1500 books and is the size of a large calculator.  Love that man!)

I also like 'arranging things'.  Growing up, I would rearrange my room every 3-4 months (a noble trait for a now-grown military wife).  After taking a journalism class in high school, I discovered the joys of arranging page elements so as to give the greatest aesthetic value of magazines pages and layouts.  I loved working on the school yearbook, was even editor.  Made up layouts in my free time.  I know, geek.  As I have only recently had time to 'play' with this blog thing...I'm feeling a new freedom that only comes when you do what you love.  And, since discovering this blank slate of a 'blog' and these amazing digital wonders to create whatever I want..... Am I in heaven or what?

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